Ziplines and Nepalese Bridge

What is a Zipline and a Nepalese Bridge?

A Zipline is a cable stretched between 2 extremities usually over a valley where the participants slide through on a pulley system. A Nepalese Bridge also known as a Monkey Bridge is a suspended bridge between two banks which consists of wooden planks placed on steel cables where clients walk from one end to the other.

Lavilleon Adventure Park has 3 sensational and thrilling Ziplines which are located over a valley with trees of over 300+ years and a speed exceeding over 100+ km /h. Our Nepalese Bridge is also located over a valley where clients can admire the beauty of the domain and of ‘Baie du Cap’ all while walking along the suspended bridge.

  • Rs 750 per resident (1 ride)
  • Rs 1,200 per non-resident (1 ride)
  • Rs 1,400 per resident (3 rides)
  • Rs 1,800 per non-resident (3 rides)

Information and difficulty


Minimum age

Maximum height

Minimum weight

Maximum weight

15-30 mins

As from 10 yrs old


40 Kg

130 Kg

  • Easy
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