Via Ferrata

What is a Via Ferrata?


2-3 Hrs


Rs 850

Per resident


Rs 1,300

Per non-resident

The Via Ferrata is a predefined climbing route along a mountain cliff where a cable runs along and is firmly fixed to the rocks. Climbers secure themselves to the cable and walk along the cliff all while being accompanied by a guide.

Our Via Ferrata is the perfect activity for those who love the extreme. Walk along a cliff of over 90+ metres with some dense forestation below and with a magnificent view of the Chamarel Valley and of ‘Baie du Cap’. An activity that requires a lot of tenacity and perseverance from start to finish.

*We advise that you email us 48 hrs prior to check availability due to logistics of the activity or call our team on site (+230 4834227) to check availability for same day booking.

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Information and difficulty


Minimum age

Maximum weight

Max. no. of pax

2-3 Hrs

As from 15 yrs old

130 Kg

15 per session

  • Moderte/Hard